Beetle Shadowbox – Small Frame


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of a crackled paint shadow box, a vessel for the enchanting artistry of Stygian Crow Studio. Within this unique display, a meticulously designed print features a beetle, its intricate details coming to life against the crackled white backdrop. The shadow box, adorned with black cracks, adds an aged and mystic allure to the composition.

At the box’s base, a bed of moss introduces a touch of earthy elegance, grounding the ethereal scene within. Jute twine delicately suspends the shadow box, inviting observers to contemplate the union of art and nature.

This crackled paint shadow box becomes a portal to a realm where the delicate beauty of the beetle and the weathered charm of crackled paint converge. Hanging with understated grace, it captures the essence of a mystic journey through artistry and the tactile embrace of nature.


Common materials used by Stygian Crow Studio include: insulation foam, chipboard, paper clay, translucent clay, spackle, paper, flocking, leaves, glue, vintage tea cups, aluminum foil, faux flowers, and other crafting materials.