Moon Magic Collection Gift Set


Discover the enchanting allure of our Moon Magic Candle Collection Gift Set, a truly celestial journey crafted to harness the mystic energy of the lunar cycle. Select from our curated array of lunar phase-inspired candles to create a personalized set that aligns with your spiritual growth and attuning to your cyclical nature.

Each candle in this exclusive set is inspired by a distinct phase of the moon, allowing you to tailor your ambiance and intentions with the waxing and waning of lunar energies.

Select one candle from each of the following groups.

New Moon – Wishing Well (manifestation), Higher Love (openness and connection), The Phoenix (rebirth and renewal)

Full Moon – Case of the Hex (cleansing, cutting ties), My Lucky Stars (abundance, change in luck), Sovereign (awakening to your inner strength)

Dark Moon – Crystal Ball (divination, understanding), Divine (self-love and worth), Dream Weaver (dream recall and dream work)

Each set contains: three 6oz soy wax candles – adorned with more and larger crystal offerings than our regular intention candles, an intuitively chosen gift (approx. $10 value) and a practical guide to assist in developing your personal practice.

As always, each candle includes an Incantation Card.