Edgar Allan Poe Button – Set of 4


Introducing a collection of small buttons that pay homage to the literary genius of Edgar Allan Poe. Each button is a tiny masterpiece, embracing a black and white color scheme with an unmistakable theme of writing. The monochromatic elegance mirrors Poe’s gothic aesthetic, creating a visual ode to his timeless tales of mystery and macabre.

Delicate strokes of black ink dance across the buttons, forming intricate patterns reminiscent of quills and parchment. Poe’s iconic quotes may whisper subtly amidst the design, inviting admirers to delve into the depths of his haunting prose. These small buttons are not merely accessories; they are wearable tributes to the literary legacy of a master storyteller, capturing the essence of Poe’s timeless allure in every intricate detail.

Size: Each button measures ____ across.