Fortify Wall Hanging


The “Fortify” Wall Hanging is meticulously crafted to safeguard your home with a harmonious blend of natural elements. Fashioned from woven Virginia Creeper vine, this rustic yet elegant piece exudes earthy charm while serving as a potent shield for your space. Adorned with labradorite, Smokey quartz, and clear quartz points, renowned for their protective qualities, the hanging emanates a powerful energy barrier against negativity and disharmony.

Binding the two woven circles together is an amethyst tear drop wrapped in copper, amplifying the protective properties of the crystals while infusing the space with calming and purifying vibrations. The copper wiring serves as a conductor, grounding and channeling the energies of the stones.

This versatile wall hanging is an ideal addition to your front door (interior side only) or any room in need of energetic fortification. Let it stand as a symbol of strength and serenity, guarding your home and nurturing a sense of peace and protection for all who dwell within.

Size: 11″