Red Spoon Wand – 11.5″


Step into the whimsical realm of enchantment with these DIY magic wands, ingeniously crafted from humble wooden cooking spoons.

Each wand tells a tale of creativity and mystique as bits and pieces of twine, buttons, and moss intertwine, transforming these ordinary utensils into extraordinary conduits of magic. Delicate twine spirals around the handles, creating a tactile and rustic charm, while buttons and moss add an earthy touch reminiscent of crow treasures.

As you hold these whimsical creations, you can almost sense the latent magic waiting to be summoned. These homemade wands are not just tools; they are artifacts of imagination, invoking the spirit of resourcefulness and a touch of whimsy that turns everyday objects into conduits of enchantment.

Size: Approximately 11.5″ long

Common materials used by Stygian Crow Studio include: insulation foam, chipboard, paper clay, translucent clay, spackle, paper, flocking, leaves, glue, vintage tea cups, aluminum foil, faux flowers, and other crafting materials.