The Flower Box Facade – Large Frame


Encased within a black frame, a charming flower box facade unfolds, revealing a tableau of timeless beauty. The aged stone walls stand as silent witnesses to the passage of time, while a window and shutters, painted in a striking turquoise blue, breathe vitality into the weathered scene.

In the window box, a tapestry of pink, blue, and purple flowers weaves a tale of vibrant life. Climbing the ancient stone wall, yellow and orange blossoms on trailing vines add a touch of whimsy to the stoic setting.

This framed masterpiece is a celebration of contrasts—of the enduring strength of aged stones against the lively burst of colors within the flower box. It’s a visual narrative that invites you to savour the beauty that emerges when nature meets the passage of time.

Size: approximately 11″ x 9″