Annotation Tabs – Coloured (Series 4, Option #2)


Introducing our Annotation Tabs – your perfect companions for navigating the literary landscape and capturing the essence of your favourite passages! Designed for book lovers, these small plastic sticky tabs are your ticket to effortless and colourful note-taking.

Key Features:

– Colourful Variety: Each series presents 7 unique colour palettes, allowing you to organize your annotations with flair. From vibrant hues to subtle shades, our Annotation Tabs bring a spectrum of possibilities to your reading experience.

– Perfect Size: Designed with the book lover in mind, our tabs strike the ideal balance between visibility and subtlety. Easily spot your annotations without overwhelming the page.

– Series Collection: Explore three distinct series, each offering a curated selection of colours to suit your mood, style, or book genre. With a total of 21 colour palettes, the possibilities are endless!

– Ample Quantity: Each stack of tabs contains approximately 20-25 tabs, ensuring you have enough to mark and annotate numerous quotes and passages in your collection.

Why Annotation Tabs?

– Effortless Bookmarking: Streamline your note-taking process with these easy-to-use tabs. Quickly mark and revisit your favourite quotes without leaving a permanent mark on your books.

– Versatile Application: Perfect for students, researchers, and book lovers, these tabs are designed for use in textbooks, novels, planners, and any reading material that deserves a personal touch.

– Manufacturer’s Note: Due to the nature of manufacturing, slight variations in size and shade may occur, adding a unique touch to each set of tabs.


– Color Palettes: 7 per series, 21 in total

– Tabs per Stack: Approximately 20-25

– Size and Shade: May vary due to the nature of the manufacturing process

Enhance your reading journey with the organization and creativity of our Annotation Tabs. Dive into the world of literature with a touch of colour and functionality!

Accessories shown in photos not included