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Meet the humans behind Rivers & Roads Stationery: Juanita and Shannon!

Located right in Chatham, Ontario, we are Juanita and Shannon, the creative minds and best friends behind Rivers & Roads Stationery, bring a love for literature to life through our bookish business. Inspired by our shared passion for reading, and self-care, we hope to be the one-stop self-care shop for book lovers everywhere! While we don’t currently have a brick-and-mortar shop, our virtual shelves are always open, inviting you to explore, indulge, and discover the joy of reading and annotation from the comfort of your own space.

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Rivers & Roads Stationery is not just about books – it’s about self-care, promoting reading, and supporting local authors and libraries. Our online shop offers a diverse collection of books and book annotation supplies, such as index liners that guide you through crucial plot points, to annotation tabs that help you easily locate your favourite quotes. These meticulously chosen items add a personal touch to your reading journey, allowing you to create a unique and immersive experience with every page turned.


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Our personal love for spicy romance, chilling horror, and mind-bending mysteries is reflected not only in our book selection but also in the bookish accessories and apparel we offer. We understand the thrill of getting lost in a gripping plot or experiencing the rush of emotions through well-crafted words, and they want to share that excitement with you!

When we take a break from the world of books, or while we are prepping for a pop-up market, we can usually be found listening to our favourite bands and musicians: The Lumineers, Noah Kahan, The Head and The Heart, Taylor Swift, and Orville Peck, just to name a few. These musical influences not only shape our personal tastes but also inspire the vibe of Rivers & Roads Stationery’s shop aesthetic and products.

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