Annotation Tabs – Transparent (Series 1, Option #6)


Introducing our all-new Annotation Tabs – the perfect blend of functionality and style! These small plastic sticky tabs are meticulously crafted to help you capture and organize your favourite quotes and passages in a way that’s both eye-catching and efficient.

Key Features:

– Chic Color Palettes: Dive into a world of color with 5 carefully curated hues in each palette. Explore the nuances of 12 different colour schemes, allowing you to add a personal touch to your annotations.

– Transparent Elegance: Our tabs are designed with approximately 2/3 transparency, offering a subtle yet visually appealing way to mark your favourite moments in your books. The touch of color at the end adds a unique aesthetic to your annotations.

– Series Collections: Choose from two distinct series, each featuring 6 handpicked colour palettes. With a total of 12 palettes, you have plenty of options to express your style and match your tabs to the mood of your reading material.

– Ample Quantity: Each stack of tabs contains approximately 20-25 tabs, providing you with a generous supply to annotate and organize your literary treasures.

Why Annotation Tabs?

– Effortless Bookmarking: Simplify your note-taking process with these easy-to-use tabs. Mark your favourite quotes and passages without leaving a permanent mark on your books.

– Versatility in Use: Perfect for textbooks, novels, planners, and any reading material that deserves a personalized touch. Make your annotations pop with style and organization.


– Color Palettes: 12, with 5 colours each

– Tabs per Stack: Approximately 20-25

– Transparency: Approximately 2/3 with a touch of colour at the end

Step into a world of organized elegance with our Annotation Tabs. Shop now to infuse your reading journey with style and functionality – your books deserve it!

Accessories shown in photos not included