Short Index Liners (Series 2, 7-Pack)


Hey there, meticulous organizers and note enthusiasts! Get ready to elevate your highlighting game with our Short Index Liners – because who said organization had to be boring?

Here’s the scoop:

– Colour Explosion: With a whopping 21 different colour palettes split into 3 series, you’ll be spoiled for choice. It’s like a rainbow exploded in our warehouse, but in a good way. View other colours here.

– Stacked for Success: Each palette boasts 5 vibrant colours, and we don’t skimp on quantity either. You’ll get stacks of 20-25 liners in each colour, ensuring you have enough to mark up all your important bits.

But wait, there’s more:

– Built to Last: Our Short Index Liners are tough cookies. They’re smudge-proof, bleed-resistant, and won’t fall apart on you mid-highlight. Because nobody needs liner drama in their life.

Why opt for our Short Index Liners?

– Versatility Reigns: From marking quotes in your favourite book to highlighting key points in your study notes, these liners are up for any task. Plus, they’ll add a pop of colour to your pages and your day.

– Stylish Functionality: Who says your organization tools can’t be stylish? Our liners bring both flair and functionality to the table. Say goodbye to boring notes and hello to a more colourful world.

So why settle for bland index liners when you can add some pizazz to your notes with our Short Index Liners? Stock up now and make your organization game as bright as your personality. Shop today and let the highlighting fun begin!