Long Index Liners (Series 1, #3)


Hey there, meticulous organizers and note enthusiasts! Get ready to elevate your highlighting game with our Short Index Liners – because who said organization had to be boring?

Hey, meticulous organizers and note enthusiasts! Ready to take your highlighting game to the next level? Introducing our Long Index Liners – because why settle for short when you can go long?

Here’s the rundown:

– Colour Extravaganza: With a whopping 15 different colour palettes split into 3 series, you’ll have more hues than you can shake a highlighter at. It’s like a carnival of colours, but without the cotton candy. 

– Series Galore: Each series features 5 handpicked palettes, ensuring there’s a perfect palette for every mood and occasion. Whether you’re feeling bold, mellow, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered.

But wait, there’s more:

– Generous Supply: Each palette boasts 5 vibrant colours, and we don’t skimp on quantity either. You’ll get stacks of 20-25 liners in each colour, giving you plenty of room to mark up your masterpiece.

Why opt for our Long Index Liners?

– Versatility Reigns: From flagging key sections in your textbook to highlighting important points in your presentation, these liners can handle it all. Plus, they’ll add a burst of colour to your notes and your day.

– Stylish Functionality: Who says your organization tools can’t be stylish? Our liners bring both flair and functionality to the table. Say goodbye to boring notes and hello to a more colourful world.

So why settle for short index liners when you can go long and strong with our Long Index Liners? Stock up now and make your organization game as vibrant as your personality. Shop today and let the highlighting fun begin!

Accessories shown in photos not included