Pa’s Pieces

16 O’Brien Drive, Chatham, ON, N7M 2E7
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Pa’s Pieces makes charcuterie boards by hand in Chatham

Some of Yvon’s first memories are watching his grandfather carve wood, and this is where his love from carpentry and creating custom pieces began.

Yvon has always been creative, and he’s found a way to incorporate creative thinking into this life like when he was a licensed auto body man and painter.

Pa's Pieces Brand

What products does Yvon make? Great question. We hesitate to say anything, but when it comes to live-edge carpentry, ‘anything’ might apply.

Pa's Pieces Wave Board Large

When you walk into the Pa’s Pieces workshop, the vibes of warmth and kindness can be felt, both in the environment and from Yvon directly. Yvon’s love of life, his kind spirit, and his quest to make products that hold a special place in the lives of his clients make his addition to LUVLOCAL a perfect match.

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